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5 occupations recommended for those interested in the tourism industry

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Thailand is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in Asia, with its attractive surroundings and architecture attracting international visitors regularly. As a result of the vast circulating money and the developing hotel and tourism company, it may entice visitors, whether Thais or foreigners, to travel to Thailand all year round.

Furthermore, having visitors go indefinitely has an impact on other work positions. In connection with tourism and hotels If you are interested in working in this industry or wish to work among tourists or in a fun environment, DASH MV offers an exciting line of work for the company to introduce.

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1. Guide

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The tour guide, or as we call it "guide", is one of the most important occupations in this industry. Because it is the person who will help the knowledge of history or information about various tourist attractions for tourists, Whether Thais or foreigners, get to know the history and information about the attractions that have been visited. Which is considered a significant part of passing on stories about art and culture.

2. Front Office

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The receptionist in the front office or at the front desk is a crucial department of the hotel. Every resort is necessary. Responsible for greeting guests as they enter the hotel, checking them in and out, and accepting room bookings. Answering inquiries and coordinating with other departments of the hotel to assist clients that come to utilize the service are all part of the job. This position is analogous to the front desk of a hotel. Employees in this sector must be able to interact and have a service mindset to make consumers feel at ease and impressed.

3. Tour Operation

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The Tour Operation will be in charge of handling various tours, including the provision of attractions, transport, lodging, and expenditure data, as well as preparing a vacation package for sale to consumers. Take care of different tourism-related papers, such as arranging accommodations or tickets for customers. Take care of everything according to plan. Also included in the collection of consumer feedback to assess and build the future package trip.

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4. Food and Beverage

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People in the Food and Beverage industry are in charge of food and drinks, which may be classified into numerous jobs. Since individuals are in charge of managing the work system and other expenditures, the person in charge of the kitchen is in charge of producing high-quality meals for clients. Through the waiters, they must provide excellent service. This is true not only at the hotel restaurant but also at the hotel's different banquets.

5. Bus rental business

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The bus rental company's job is to rent buses based on the demands of the consumers. A member of the customer group is a lawyer. Government agencies and state-owned companies intend to continue to expand their service offerings To add value to the services that are provided to clients. Aside from delivering exceptional service, the bus rental firm also offers travel advice and discovers new options. That satisfies the demands of a wide range of clients at a fair cost, while also being convenient and efficient.


The five lines of labor exemplified were only a handful of them. Because there are several functions that we have not included. More employment will be created. As a result, there are many favorable reasons, such as Thailand's high season with the Songkran Festival, that might entice visitors to travel. Including government initiatives to promote tourism The Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a campaign to promote secondary city tourism, among other things. It will no longer be difficult if the chance arises and a firm with prepared staff may earn significant revenue from tourism.

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