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'FIT' is a new dimension of tourism that should not be overlooked

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F.I.T stands for Free Individual Traveler, meaning a traveler traveling alone. This is in contrast to G.I.T (Group Individual Travelers), which is a group of tourists. Including various tour groups, which another meaning of F.I.T means independent tourism (Foreign Individual Tourism), suitable for tourists who like high privacy. It is a type of tourism in that tourists manage to plan every trip by themselves every step of the way.

which has advantages in terms of high privacy can control the travel time as needed You can choose the quality of products and services according to your needs. and suitable for their own limited budget However, there are disadvantages in cases where tourists are not familiar with the routes or attractions that may cause problems in terms of wasting time and excessive costs.

F.I.T tourism is a new issue that many parties may not know yet. spotting tourism trends both domestically and internationally Influenced by reviews or photos of places of the influencers or more bloggers And most importantly, it doesn't always have to be a big city.

But it can be street food, secondary cities, rural places, and natural places. Historical sites, temples, ancient sites as reviews But there is caution is that if different places Did not make a positive impression on tourists. It may cause negative trends on social media as well.

Why hit the tourist market F.I.T?

About 30% of these types of tourists travel normally. By booking a package to travel by yourself online, the other 70% are tour groups that sell packages at standard prices. And it is likely that F.I.T tourists will expand more. from the original that had been directed to buy products and services When a policy is organized It will help this group of tourists spend on a wider range of businesses.

In addition, tourists who like to travel in F.I.T style also have the European side. which tends to increase tourism in the Asia-Pacific region According to forecasts from the Asia-Pacific Tourism Promotion Association, it is expected that within the next four years, the number of tourism turnover within the same region will grow by 7-10%, with Thailand benefiting from being a hub for tourism. In addition, F.I.T tourists are also attractive in Thailand.

However, every hotel has to prepare for this new type of tourism. In addition to trying to upgrade the hotel itself. will have to come up with a strategy for their own hotel to grow sustainably because if there is still the same management would not develop and no stability

How to choose bus type that suits your usage

Main reasons why tourists choose to travel in F.I.T format

Traveling in F.I.T format costs tourists less than traveling with a travel agency. Tourists are already familiar with that attraction. But if tourists are not familiar with the route or the place. It may waste both time and money more than necessary. This type of tourism is suitable for tourists who have studied that attraction before. or a tourist who revisited that attraction again which tourists are familiar with that place well The main reasons why tourists choose to travel in F.I.T format are as follows:

  • Have high privacy and can be flexible on time as needed However, if traveling in a group with a travel agency Tourists must strictly adhere to the time specified in the itinerary. The opportunity to visit places of interest in detail is therefore rare.
  • Need quality tourism than the number of tourist attractions that have been visited, that is if traveling as a group Tourists tend to visit many attractions. But tourists do not have time to study the place in detail as they want. or lack of opportunities to learn the culture or get to know the local people fully Tourists is therefore only able to experience the sights on the surface. while traveling tourists have the opportunity to experience the sights they visit in depth. on demand because there is more time and can plan trips by themselves.

For anyone who has a desire to travel In the future, there may be a tendency to adjust both the government sector and tourists. In the part of the government sector, a health digital passport may be issued for health checks before travel under the concept of FTT or Fit to Traveling, in which tourists themselves must maintain their health. to prepare before the trip In addition to tourism Tourists have to do more homework. both in regards to the location and the journey that requires more safety considerations.

And for anyone who wants to rent a bus to travel to destinations in Thailand But still doesn't know where to use the service. DASH MV is a bus rental service. who dare to guarantee quality There are full facilities, good value, the bus has complete standards in every aspect, including safety. service standards including various conveniences It is also an air-conditioned bus and tour bus rental company that cares about everything. Details from contacting inquiries to picking up customers to their destinations. 

You can contact us to rent a tourist bus at
Address: 39 Moo 14, Bangna-Trad Road, Bang Kaeo, Bang Phli, Samut Prakan 10540
Phone number 092-185-6699

Bus rental service, coaches, size 39-45 seats, the buses that are serviced are imported cars and are all new cars. It is effective according to international standards and has a high-security system. Because we care primarily about the quality and safety of our customers.
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