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Recommend how to use bus emergency exit

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Accidents are bad things that no one expected and didn't want to happen. However, one thing is often mentioned when bad things happen. There is no escape from the escape route. If looking at only the passenger bus Must be safety equipment and emergency exits A helper to alleviate or stop a critical accident and remove people from the cabin out of harm's way.

On the bus, there are 3 things that passengers often see when getting on the bus: a hammer to break glass, a fire extinguisher, emergency door. But many people don't know how to use it. If so What should I do when an accident or emergency happens? So let's try to know how to use these emergency aids.

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Let's start with a glass-breaking hammer with a red handle. There is a round steelhead sticking out, found near the side mirror of the car. It's there to cut and break the glass. Open a way to escape from the car. Operate by pulling out of the mounting bracket. Then hold the handle firmly. Use the pointed part to cut into the glass to make a hole. Then use the end of the hammer to beat the edge along the cut line. The hammer is designed with a centralized impact technique. thus breaking faster than other solids.
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Whereas for fire extinguishers, the main instructions for use are “pull, release, push, shake.” Pulling means pulling out the locking latch on the lever. then disconnect the hose Point the nozzle of the nozzle at the base of the campfire. It should not be sprayed onto the flame because the fire will not go out. Next, press the lever to let the contents of the fire extinguisher eject. By standing about 6-8 feet away from the fire.
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For emergency doors, for example, a bus with the same landing door and front of the bus. According to the law, there is an emergency door with an exit size of not less than 40×120 centimeters on the right-hand side in the middle of the car. Maybe towards the rear or the rear of the car Must be able to open up to the full width and height in the event of an accident The key must be opened without a key or any other tool. and there must be no permanent installation obstructing this exit. with a symbol indicating that it is the location of the emergency door There are explanations or symbols showing how to use it clearly inside and outside the vehicle.
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These are the main emergency aids that passengers should know. and when traveling with a passenger bus Don't neglect to explore safety. Better to focus on comfort alone.

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