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Should know before choosing "Professional staff shuttle"

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Get to know What is an "Employee Shuttle" ?

Employee shuttle is one of the benefits that the organization will provide to its employees. making it easier for those who do not have a private car to travel to work Most of these benefits are often available in organizations that have factories outside the city and difficult travel, such as in various industrial estates. or around the perimeter that has no public transport access Employee shuttles are therefore important to facilitate employees working in these areas. Of course, the organization will have a clear division of travel lines and cycle times. When it's called welfare Employees do not have to pay in this section. This makes it possible to save on travel expenses as well.

The advantages of having a shuttle bus

Not everyone has a private car or has easy access to public transport. Having a shuttle bus within the organization has become another important thing that organizations need to consider. We have compiled the advantages of having a shuttle bus for employees as follows:

- Incentivize more talented people to apply for jobs

Corporate welfare is another information that job applicants will use as information in deciding to apply for that job. Of course, the organization that has a shuttle bus will help the job applicants deduct the cost of their daily commute. Therefore, employee shuttle benefits can be another incentive for talented applicants to apply for jobs in that organization. more easily.

- Improve work efficiency

When employees can travel to and from their accommodation and work comfortably. the efficiency of the work of that employee will surely increase Employee transportation benefits, in addition to helping to save costs. It also helps employees to avoid wasting time and effort waiting for public transport with others. in daily life, It can save your body a lot of energy.

- Strengthen the relationship of people in the organization

Employees in the organization can meet or get to know each other more easily because they travel the same route. have a chance to meet Easier to talk and exchange knowledge This is a good trend if employees in the company have a good relationship with each other.

Interested in renting a bus contact.

Why is it so popular to rent a shuttle bus for employees?

When deciding to set up a welfare transfer for employees Many organizations would hesitate between buying their car and renting a shuttle bus for their employees. Although each has different advantages and disadvantages. But car hire is still many times more popular. due to the following reasons.

1. No need to invest in new purchases and save on repair costs.

If taken to weigh in terms of cost, then Investing in a new car for your own company may not be worth it. because in addition to issuing money to buy a car The burden of repairs, fuel costs, maintenance team costs, as well as hiring specialists to drive employees can create chaos for companies. no less, Therefore, renting a shuttle bus for employees is more suitable for most organizations. Because service companies are often well equipped and specialize in providing this particular service. It's a worthwhile investment. because there is no need to waste time setting up the structure and the system all by itself.

2. There are various types of vehicles to choose from.

Employee shuttle service providers usually have a variety of vehicles for each company to choose from. Because each company has different needs. Some companies have fewer people. Some companies have a lot of people. In addition, the route of travel may be different. Using a service from a professional in this particular field, besides being able to choose from a variety of car types also have service and advice from experienced people as well It reduces the burden that HR has to bear in many parts.

3. Back-up vehicle in case of emergency

Emergency accidents can always happen. Each event affects work. But if you use the shuttle bus rental service, the staff can immediately worry about this part. Because the service provider will always have a spare car to use in such cases. Therefore, various problems can be solved promptly. In the process of signing the service contract, there will be clear information in this section.

4. Professional staff give advice

The hire of staffed shuttles will be accompanied by an expert driver on the route and the use of a particular vehicle type. The service provider will train and train staff before they come out to serve customers. Therefore, the service company does not have to waste time trending employees to take care of such parts. Just let me know all your requirements. The service company is ready to give advice immediately. However, for those who select a shuttle rental company, employees should check the details. Costs and services that have been carefully received whether they meet the standards or not. For the safety of all service users and employees.

The process of planning the welfare of the professional staff shuttle bus.

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1. Collect all employee information

Normally, HR is the department responsible for welfare. Renting a shuttle bus is one of the things that must be taken care of. By starting by collecting information about all employees who live in any place. including the number of employees and additional details It is a good starting point for planning the welfare establishment in this section. Then began to survey the needs of employees again. To update the latest information and to know the number of employees who will use this service.

2. Know how to choose the type of car that meets your needs.

Once you know how many employees and what routes you need to provide shuttle buses. It's the process of choosing a company that provides shuttle rental services for employees. Choosing the type of vehicle that best meets your needs will help the company save costs. There are only 2 types of vehicles available which are “Air-conditioned vans” which are suitable only for companies with no more than 10 passengers per route, and “air-conditioned buses” that are suitable for companies with more than 20 passengers on each route, however, the HR department must consider the route. Is it too complicated to access the company? because if entering the work area is a small alley Air-conditioned buses may not meet the needs of the company.

3. Provide comprehensive schedules and routes.

Rules for using shuttle buses The scheduling and clarification of when the car will be parked should come out in a clear order. The rules will facilitate the shuttle attendants, all staff, and employees to create equality. Because each employee comes from a different place. Having rules together will make everything easier to do. Company benefits should not be used by outsiders under any circumstances. Having a schedule that covers the needs of employees and clearly explains when each car will park will greatly reduce conflicts.

Convenience, comfort, safety, and punctuality are the qualities that the shuttle bus staff should have. Therefore, when choosing a shuttle service company, employees should possess all of the above qualifications to be called professional. However, the HR who takes care of this must be decisive. The rules should not be compromised for a few employees. because All decisions affect the schedule and may affect the start of each company itself.

To use the staff shuttle bus rental service, you can contact DASH MV at 092 185 6699 or LINE:  , which will make your journey safe and comfortable. Because safety is the most important thing.

Bus rental service, coaches, size 39-45 seats, the buses that are serviced are imported cars and are all new cars. It is effective according to international standards and has a high-security system. Because we care primarily about the quality and safety of our customers.
máy đánh bạc hoàng giaLiên kết đăng nhập
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