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Another option for farmers is agritourism. Develop a community selling point.

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Agrotourism is a form of tourism for recreational purposes. to learn something new and have fun This is regarded as a valuable component of the Unseen in Thailand activity's promotion. While in the overview of tourism, agricultural tourism is another significant activity that tourists pay attention to that is most favored by travelers, generating more than 1.2 million baht per year in revenue for Thailand. 

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Agro-tourism refers to the organization of activities or arrangements as a form of tourism using the nation's already-existing tourism resources. expansion of tourism routes, income distribution to the locals, and preservation of the value of Thai farmers' wisdom are all done to pique tourists' interest and make them want to travel.

Traveling to agricultural areas, agricultural gardens, agroforestry, herb gardens, livestock farms and raising animals to appreciate the beauty. success and enjoyment in the agricultural garden gaining knowledge, new experience on a basis of responsibility Be conscious of preserving the environment of that place. and also encourages love of farming by oneself

It is evident that more agricultural tourist attractions, including the Sufficiency Agriculture Demonstration Project, are currently available. On the farm, a path exists. There is a spot where you can snap lovely pictures. enabling the possibility of attracting visitors I have studied and internalized the agricultural way of life. It is believed that tourism boosts the economy and is widely popular. Giving back to the community fairly effectively through agritourism

Definition of Agritourism

Agrotourism is a type of travel where the main goal is to learn about rural people's agricultural practices. By placing a focus on tourists' involvement in events that advance learning and bring in money for the local economy. Agrotourism will be preserved along with tourism to minimize negative effects on the local area and the environment.

Agri-tourism model

Agritourism comes in a variety of forms. The state of the area and nearby tourist attractions will determine this. However, most visits to the park are brief. That makes it possible for visitors to the area to pick their own produce to purchase. Or the fruit buffet is the most well-liked

Overnight stays in the village or in the park are part of longer excursions. in addition to taking part in community activities This kind of tourism, also referred to as a farm stay (farmstay), will be more eco-tourism than short-term because visitors will be able to experience the way of life in the community rather than just taking a day trip.

A trip to the garden is part of the activity to learn about production. encouraging visitors to take part in agricultural pursuits like rice farming, vegetable harvesting, fishing, egg collection, and bringing the harvested goods to cook with visitors. or if the locality has a destination for cultural tourism, like a village where baskets are made. Wood carvings from the Buddha shrine can be displayed to instruct. Tourist demand for conservation is rising, and this also means more money for the local economies

Benefits from Agrotourism

Popularity of agritourism is high. Those who want to learn about agriculture and get away from busy cities can both benefit from this kind of tourism. Additionally, agricultural tourism offers the following advantages.

  1. Possibility of earning more Entrepreneurs can still make more money by processing agricultural products in a number of ways aside from just farming. gathering of visits, souvenir sales, etc.
  2. By using integrated agricultural theory to be applied in arable land that is not limited or small to be effective, income can be increased without needing to increase arable land. more money There are many different products.
  3. In comparison to the conventional market Agrotourism It provides a fresh approach to marketing goods and services that assist farmers in raising the value of their agricultural output, specifically through the processing of their produce to add value.
  4. Possibility to build new businesses using the assets that farmers already possess.
  5. A company founded with families and future generations in mind. It is one strategy for encouraging young people to find employment nearby.
  6. It's a business that retirees can operate independently.
  7. A source of knowledge for anyone with an interest in agriculture and farming. Students and members of the general public who are interested in learning about farming Educate yourself on agriculture. or expertise in storage, purchasing, etc. of agricultural products.
  8. Demonstrate how to preserve and protect the environment. By promoting agricultural tourism, one of the ways to preserve natural resources and green space is to lessen the issue of land sales and the environmental issues brought on by new industrial factories in the area.
  9. A location where one can learn about farming. Whether it is in the past or the present It is a resource for learning about regional culture, including rice farming, farming equipment, and other topics.

In addition to learning from and enjoying first-hand interactions with farmers, participants can also engage with and learn about the local way of life and various agricultural technologies. Additionally, it provides farmers with a direct source of income. Additionally, it contributes to the community's economic growth. both agricultural and vacation Additionally, it encourages more and more Thais to visit their homeland.

Nature of agricultural activities

Agrotourism requires the development of appropriate agricultural areas. By integrating the tourism industry with the agricultural sector and community life to create value The following characteristics can be used to categorize agricultural activities:

  1. Rice farming methods, such as second rice farming, annual rice farming, sowing rice, and rice cultivation. Knowledge of the different types of rice rice-related rituals, including those from Thai culture.
  2. Making flower gardens for cutting flowers of all kinds for sale, such as rose gardens and orchid farms all different kinds of ornamental flower gardens and potted plants including the farm of sunflowers
  3. Orchard (Orchard) There are many different kinds of orchards, including agroforestry, new farming, and mixed plantations, such as rubber, bamboo, and oil palm plantations.
  4. Vegetables: All forms of vegetable farming, including those conducted in bean, corn, sorghum, pepper, and other fields.
  5. Planting herbs (Herbs) cultivating a range of medicinal plants To be used as a drink, a cosmetic, a food supplement for vegetable gardening next to the house, and in Thai traditional medicine.
  6. Farming of livestock (Animal Farming) raising and breeding different types of commercial animals, such as fish farming and silkworms farming rare wildlife in places like peacock, pheasant, and deer farms as well as the Thai Red Cross snake farm. farming mussels, cockles, oysters, and crocodiles.
  7. An occasion to encourage the sale of agricultural products is a festival of various products. Regarding the time of year when those crops bear fruit, like the Flower Festival. Fish-eating festivals, lychee festivals, longan festivals, etc.
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Introduce tourist attractions and learn about agriculture.

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Thailand is another country that excels in agriculture, which has led to the spread of many agricultural areas throughout the nation and the opening of numerous locations as tourist attractions. While taking pleasure in studying agriculture Anyone who wants to change the atmosphere should engage in enjoyable activities like gardening, going for a walk, and taking in the scenery of the rice fields. DASH MV will this time present intriguing agricultural attractions. Let's check their location.

Tha Kha Floating Market Housewives Group

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Tha Kha Community, Tha Kha Sub-district, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram Province It is an old community where villagers have a career in gardening and growing biennial crops such as onions, garlic, fresh chilies, etc. In the past, villagers brought vegetables and fruits from each person's garden left over from keeping them for household consumption to exchange. In which villagers will arrange to exchange products on the day of the waxing moon and the 2nd waxing moon, 7th waxing moon and 12th waxing moon by boat travel. Because there were no roads in the past Later, as trade between other villages increased, it evolved into the Saturday Tha Kha Floating Market. Sundays and federal holidays are Fresh sugar and coconut sugar are the community's main exports. Items made of coconut, etc.

Community Engagement Participate in activities based on different farming groups' learning pillars. the floating market in Tha Kha from the tale of the coconut Check out the benefits of producing coconut sugar, including

  • Collecting coconut sugar from a tree
  • Simmering traditional coconut sugar
  • Learn how to add sweetness and prepare authentic desserts using Tha Kha coconut sugar.
  • The Tha Kha People's traditional knowledge of weaving coconut stalks
  • Using fresh coconuts to weave used to weave hats, baskets, and other items.
  • Continuous boat constructed of coconut husks

Contact information
Tha Kha Subdistrict Administrative Organization Office Tel. 03-4766208 
Ms. Thanida Sieweng, Tha Kha Village Headman Tel. 08-67898130

Ban Khok Mueang Agricultural Tourism

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In Tambon Chorakhe Mak is Ban Khok Mueang. District of Prakhon Chai, Province of Buriram It is a sizable community, with a total of 720 households spread across 4 administrative villages: Village No. 6, Village No. 9, Village No. 15, and Village No. 18. The Khok Mueang Community has existed for a long time. The residents had moved there from Tambon Ta Chong. Due to the loss of residents from Sisophon, Cambodia, Sisaket, Surin, and Ubon Ratchathani, as well as the La Than Sai District (current). It is a community with a history of historical cultural prosperity. It is known that Prasat Muang Tam, a significant archaeological site that is over 1,400 years old and where farming is the main source of income, exists. mixed farming, also The housewives weave silk and reed mats when they are not farming, which is their primary occupation. to aid travelers and broaden the market for inexpensive and simple-to-sell goods and souvenirs. Butlers engage in subsistence farming. Buddhist practice exists. On April 2-4 of each year, Prasat Muang Tam, which is open for business, has a custom of worshiping deities and holy objects.

Community events : Observe and learn about the cultivation of jasmine rice in volcanic soil. Mat Weaving Experiment utilizing soil from the Baray Saksit pond to dye clothing A trip to the facility that produces medicinal plants and souvenir shopping Products and agricultural products, OTOP Center, sample Khantoke, a local dish. Watch the Apara dancers as they cycle while taking in the view. Take a homestay. go to the neighborhood morning market.

Community lifestyle : Farming is a prevalent way of life in the community. Housing in the southeast shows signs of Khmer civilization.

Participation of tourists : Observe, taste, shop, take photos, share, practice, and learn in accordance with the agricultural learning framework.

Contact information
Chorake Mak Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Prakhon Chai District, Buriram Province Tel. 044-666-247-8
Khun Somkliang Suebwan (Homestay President) Tel. 08 8193 8840
Mr. Prasit Loiprakhon (Chairman of Tourism Village) Tel. 08 6721 1789

Creative Agriculture Learning Center, Rai Ruen Rom

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A new generation founded Rai Ruen Rom, an organic vegetable farm in Thoeng District, Chiang Rai Province, with the goal of encouraging everyone to take good care of their health. and safely and properly control weight by opting to eat organically grown vegetables, which don't contain any chemicals. The majority of people now pay attention and consume more nutritious foods. Rai Ruengrom wants to promote organic products so that consumers can understand them and access them more easily so they can buy goods more easily. However, they still do not realize how much of those vegetables have chemical residues. which will be accessible every day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Activities are also available. create fresh experiences and learn Both ideas and deeds, like organic farming, using organic fertilizer, growing perennial trees, and farming if anyone is interested in it. Additionally, open courses are occasionally offered.

Contact information
Organic Farm, Thoeng District, Chiang Rai Province Tel. 053 160 512, 025111942, 0818361387

Khun Chang Kian Agricultural Research Station and Training Center

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In the Khun Chang Kian highlands, there is a research station and training facility for farmers called Khun Chang Khian Or. Khun Chang Kian is one of the agricultural stations of the Faculty of Agriculture and is situated in the Mueang District of Chiang Mai Province, which shares a route with Phra That Doi Suthep Bhubing Palace and Ban Hmong Doi Pui high agricultural station. University of Chiang Mai It is a research facility for coffee seeds, semi-tropical fruit trees like lychee, and temperate fruit trees like peaches, persimmons, plums, avocados, and macadamias. And every winter, from the end of December to the beginning of January, the weather starts to warp. It is necessary to call again before leaving. No matter if it is in bloom or not The research station and training facility will be filled with the fresh pink blooms of the Nang Phaya Sua Krong tree, also known as the Sakura of Thailand. Training in agriculture at Khun Chang Khian The pink of the Nang Phaya Sua Krong tree covers the Hmong village of Ban Khun Chang Khian. Both beside the village's access road It is open for business from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. เวลา 08.30 – 16.30 น.

Contact information
Khun Chang Kian Agricultural Research Station and Training Center Tel. 053-944053 or 053-222014.

Suan Suan Suan Som Kuan

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It is regarded as the oldest garden in the country and has a total area of about 100 rai, but it is classified as an agro-tourism park because it is situated on 8 rai in Village No. 3 (Nong Phaya Village), Ban Laeng Sub-district, Mueang District, Rayong Province. One garden that was passed down from ancestors will be marked by a sizable mangosteen tree that is 100 years old. There are numerous fruit varieties in the garden. These include the rambutan, mangosteen, durian, santol, lychee, longkong, langsat, jackfruit, sala, and other well-known fruits of the Rayong province. GAP certification serves as confirmation that the food is fresh and toxin-free.

where a garden is near an irrigation canal where a constant breeze of cool air blows There is a shady atmosphere throughout the garden. To see the garden, there is a walking path. Additionally, there are kiosks where visitors can unwind. Consume a range of fruits from the garden. The 100-year-old mangosteen tree's large, tall trunk and lovely bush-like appearance serve as a key indicator of the mature garden. The 100-year-old mangosteen's thin skin is its defining characteristic. It has a sweeter flavor than regular mangosteen. The infant's skin is not as smooth as it should be and it is not very big. But it tastes good. The hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Contact information
Khun Somkuan Siripakdee Tel. 081-761-9497 , 081-991-3233
คุณเจี๊ยบ 083-0627824

Ban Bua Theung Homestay Agritourism Community

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Integrative farming, non-toxic agriculture, a learning center for bio-microbial composting, and a center for learning, lifestyle, and living for sufficiency and happiness advantages and applications of bio-fertilizer in farming. Utilizing local knowledge, agriculture can be created that is suitable for the Northeast's hot and dry climate. A nearly 180-year-old village, Ban Bua Theung is old. Ban Bua Theung can successfully grow fruit trees native to the east and the south such as rambutan and durian because the area is suitable for agriculture and plantation. Ban Bua Teng has a wide range of potential areas in addition to fruit orchards. Suitable for individuals with a range of interests. which is accessible every day from 5:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Community tourism activities : :

  • Learn to grow organic vegetables.
  • Learn how to make bio-fertilizers.
  • Learn the principles of organic farming.
  • learn community way.
  • Learn techniques for growing different types of crops. Walk around the orchard Catch fish and drag nets with the villagers to cook. Buy vegetables, fruits and flowers from the community. 

Community products : 3 flavors of jujube, lime, dragon fruit and other agricultural products.

Contact information
Ban Bua Theung Community Enterprise Learning Center Tel. 086-2605412

Why do CSR activities and what do you get?

Anyone who lives nearby can go anywhere. or to find intriguing details about agricultural tourism, or to download a program. Downloads for iOS and Android devices can be found by simply searching for the word "Agrotourism." There will be phone numbers and easily navigable maps available.

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Click to download Android system:

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Community lifestyle : Farming is a prevalent way of life in the community. Housing in the southeast shows signs of Khmer civilization.

Participation of tourists : Observe, taste, shop, take photos, share, practice, and learn in accordance with the agricultural learning framework.

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